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Welcome to my Library

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, and my family share this pleasure with me.
I buy most of the books I read. We have a great Public Library here in Trondheim, but I love to own the books myself, they are becoming friends to me :-)
I have 2-3000 books in my library. Some of my favorites are:

Childrens Books
Coffee Table Books
Garden Books
Home Decorating

I buy many of my books at a local bookstore: Bruns Libris. I also order books from Good Book Guide, and I am a member of Folio Society. Most of my quiltbooks I buy fromThat Patchwork Place.

I love to discuss and trade books with friends around the world. With Dale in Oregon and Carol in England I trade childrens books, and with Annet in the Netherlands and Elizabeth in South Dakota I trade fiction.
I also have wonderful friends who know about my passion for books and buy me treats from yard sales or garage sales.

Are you also a book lover? I'll love to hear from you.

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For the moment I'm reading:
"The Mitford series" by Jan Karon,
I have recently finished "The Bluest Eyes" by Toni Morrison and "Elementals- Stories of Fire and Ice" by A.S.Byatt.
Have a long list of books to be read, but unfortunately some of them are hard to find here in Norway

Have met some great bookworm friends on the net, here are a couple of addresses:

The stories of Rosamunde Pilcher

Oprah's Book Club


I and Ingrid Elise have finished the first three "Chronicle of Narnia" books, and we have given the rest a break. Now we are reading "The Hobbit" by J.R.R.Tolkien.
My three year old Marta grows to be the biggest book lover of all of us. Some of her favorites for the moment are "Madeline", "Elmer, the Patchwork Elephant", "Spot" and alot of books by Norwegian writers.

Links to other booksites on the web:

Mindal; a world of Fantasy

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