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Welcome to my Knitroom

Knitting has been popular in Norway for ages. Norwegian children have learned to knit from their grandmothers, and they again learned it from their grandmothers.
There are many sheepfarmers in Norway, most of the wool we use in our knitting is Norwegian.
I learned to knit by my mother and my two grandmothers when I was five, and I really can't count all the sweaters I have knitted; not to mention stockings,socks, mittens, hats, doll clothes, stuffed animals and so on.
Knitting is a wonderful hobby which allows you to play with colors, wool and cotton.
I have also teached three of my three children to knit, while Marta is still too young.
Ingrid Elise has knitted a teddy bear and clothes for it, and for the moment she is working on a patterned, multicolored sweater for a little cousin. On herhomepage you can see Ingrid Elise knitting.
I like to make my own knitdesigns. I get my inspiration from old Norwegian patterns, and in recent years Kaffe Fassett has been a wonderful inspirator also. He is a really great knitter.

I'm working on taking some pictures for this page, so come back later to see more.

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